Yay *3*+ just finish painting kukiginshi :P   so fun.

Tool :SAI


"We had one home," she said. "Now we have two."

She gave Nico a big hug and the crowd roared with approval. For once, Nico didn’t feel like pulling away. He buried his face in Reyna’s shoulder and blinked the tears out of his eyes. 


I refuse to believe that Nico came out to Percy and Annabeth before coming out to Hazel


The best friendship in the history of friendships — Reyna and Nico’s makeshift family was the most rewarding part of BoO <3


Since I don’t feel like spending too much effort on these I’ll just submit the sketchy draws from twitter here.

And yes, I was not strong enough to resist Nico and Reyna’s povs….I’m such a weakling.>:C


soooooooooo nicos pov right hahahaha

gods. please click them the quality is awful in the photoset i am disgusted


Happy Nico with his sisters.

I drew ghost!bianca ‘cause i do what i want don’t question my genius


I think it’s a pretty solid consensus that Nico di Angelo needs to be given cookies and wrapped in a blanket. And, I thought, who better to comfort him than his big sister? This is a song for all their years surviving together, for his years alone, and for his (hopefully) coming years surrounded by friends. This is a lullaby from Bianca to Nico, her soldatino.

Notes: Lyrics under the cut, best with headphones. Piano is not my first instrument, and Italian is my third language, so please bear with me. 

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